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My One Word for 2018

I’m a writer and editor by trade, so it probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that I love words.

I get excited when I’m writing and a word that has been eluding me pops into my head, or when I’m revising something and the perfect replacement phrase just flows off my fingertips. But while I put a lot of thought into the words I use in paragraphs and sentences, when it comes to choosing a word for each new year, my approach is much more—um—arbitrary.


One Way to Respond When Life Looks Uncertain

Emergency vehicles filled our street on New Year’s Day. We later learned that my neighbor’s father, who had been living with her for the last few months, had passed away unexpectedly. He had been doing well, she told me, and it was a shock.

The very next day, my own mom was admitted to the hospital for what was eventually diagnosed as a stroke. In the weeks before and after Christmas, family members from across the globe had come to town, and she’d spent hours laughing, talking and enjoying all seven of her children and many of her grandchildren.


If the Struggle is Real for You This Christmas

This is not your typical week-before-Christmas blog post, but for me, this hasn’t been a typical Christmas season.

Don’t get me wrong. The last few weeks have definitely had their moments of peace, joy and merriment. But mixed in with all those moments have been periods of anxiety, stress and internal struggle unlike anything I’ve experienced for several years.

I have some ideas about the root causes of all this turmoil, but that’s not why I’m telling you this. I’m sharing this today because I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not the only one. When I say the struggle has been real for me lately, I’m guessing maybe some of you can relate.


How One Word Made All the Difference

It’s time to revisit my OneWord for 2017.

By revisit, I mean here, on the blog. Not in my heart and mind, where the word has been present, active and possibly even prophetic since it was impressed upon my spirit sometime last fall.


When You Just Need a Little Christmas

The neighbors started putting up their Christmas decorations in mid-November, and you know what? I was totally fine with that.

Maybe some other year I might have been muttering under my breath about waiting until the Thanksgiving leftovers are put away before moving on to the next holiday, but this year?

I need a little Christmas, right this very minute.


When Online Distractions Steal Our Joy

Last year, I slowly worked my way through a book called The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World. Penned by Canadian writer Christina Crook, the book grew out of the lessons she learned during a 31-day “fast” from smartphone data, email and the Internet.

It’s a fascinating—and often sobering—look at the way technology has consumed our lives, affected our brains and changed the way we relate to people. At the same time, it provides a hopeful way forward for those of us who long to be fully present in our lives but still struggle with distractions that suck our time and steal our joy.