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Real Life in Real Time

Randy and I have a phrase we like to use when we are talking (or texting) about something that intimidates us or makes us apprehensive. I wouldn’t call it an inside joke, exactly—it’s more like a code between the two of us.

We might be discussing a difficult conversation we’re about to have. A problem we can’t figure out. An assignment we don’t like. An appointment we’re dreading.


Song of the Month: “Thy Will”

Song of the month steeple3

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a guest post for my friend Bethany’s “In ____ We Trust” series. I finished it up in Iowa, at the dining room table of the old farmhouse that serves as guest quarters on my college roommate’s farm.

Was it simply being at Rachel’s peaceful place that sparked a flow of words like I hadn’t experienced for awhile? Or was it the hours of conversation we enjoyed over the course of several days that prompted me to reflect on topics I hadn’t dusted off for a long time?

Maybe some of both.

Whatever the case, when I finished writing the post about a prayer that has literally changed my life, I knew I wasn’t ready to leave the topic. The timing couldn’t have been better, as the tune I had already picked out for July’s Song of the Month fits the theme perfectly.

Be sure to come back Tuesday for more on that powerful prayer. Until then, I have a feeling you’ll be as moved by “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott (of the country group Lady Antebellum) as I am.

Lois Flowers