24 Responses to When You Feel Like You’re the Only One

  1. Lois, if it helps at all, I’m entering the life stage you are referring to here. And I’m the only one who’s walking through it in my circle. I so understand where you are coming from! I’m thankful we’re all in this life together, and I’m thankful someone else out there (you!) get it. I’m sending you long-distance hugs today. Bless you. I’m your neighbor at Holley’s this week.

    • Lois Flowers says:

      Thank you so much, Julie. I do get it, and judging from the other comments here, so do many others! Hugging you back, and praying that God will sustain you through this transition as He faithfully does through all of them!

  2. We do all struggle – with different things – but regardless of the “difference” in the things, they’re impact can be weighty causing us to feeling like failures, being judged and so we isolate ourselves. Just like a predator goes after the lone lamb or cow or whatever – so does Satan. If he can get us alone, he can destroy us. You are so right. It is so important to support, encourage and just love those going through their hard time. You’ve given us wise words on how to love one another effectively!

    • Lois Flowers says:

      I totally agree … we are much more vulnerable to Satan’s lies and attacks when we are alone–or when we THINK we are alone (which can be one of the lies, actually). Thank you for your insightful words today!

  3. You’re there too.
    I finally realized most people feel this way in some part of their life. We just all need to be there for each other. Great ideas that someone needed to hear!

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have experienced early menopause too recently. God is faithful through every season of life!! Connecting with you through #Raralinkup today with Kelly Balarie.

  5. Kristi Woods says:

    Oh Lois, you have such a gift with words. And this one? Understanding and compassion ooze from its core. It’s such a good post. I’m one of those “go inward, go quiet” kind of gals. These words of yours will help an inward/quiet girl look up to the Son and come out of her shell. Blessings! (Neighboring with you at #tellHisstory.)

    • Lois Flowers says:

      Oh Kristi … thank you for the gift of this comment! This post was one that made me a little squeamish to hit “publish” (being so personal and all) so I’m glad you found it to be encouraging. 🙂 I’m also a “go inward, go quiet” girl, but I’m slowly learning that life outside the shell can be quite lovely too!

  6. Linda Stoll says:

    mmm … makes me wonder if we were each in our own wilderness right about the same time … and how we could have ministered His grace to each other even though we were up to our necks in our own suffering.

    this is beautiful, Lois. thank you for the hope you’ve given today.

    He does redeem our suffering. that I know for sure.

    • Lois Flowers says:

      Yes, Linda–I’ve seen God redeem my suffering, and I also see His redemption in the words that you write so beautifully. Our paths may not have crossed in the wilderness, but I’m definitely blessed by your friendship now!

  7. Meg Gemelli says:

    You’re there too…It’s amazing the connections we forge when we actually get the courage to tell the truth about our lives to other people. Whether it’s in daily life or all the way across the internet connecting with other writers, I’m so thankful to know people with shared interests and faith. You have a lovely site. I’m happy to be visiting for the first time:) Have a wonderful week!

    • Lois Flowers says:

      Aw, Meg … You’ve just made my day with these encouraging words! I’m with you … I love what happens when we bravely tell the truth about our lives. It’s so nice to meet you today!

  8. Beautiful. Wise advice straight from your heart. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Kathy says:

    Gosh, I went through a very long season feeling this way in my 40’s..how lonely it is..but I love your writing and how you share the internal experiences and notice those around who may feel the same, the way we need to connect with those who might feel like an outcast..be like Jesus, go hang with them! Really enjoyed this, and thank you for your vulnerablity!

    • Lois Flowers says:

      Writing something like this is (for me) a bit like stepping outside unclothed, so I appreciate your sweet words, Kathy! I wouldn’t wish this kind of season on anyone, but it is encouraging to know others have been there and come out on the other side more prepared and willing to reach out to hurting people. Blessings to you today!

  10. These are wise words, Lois. Thanks for the encouragement to ask, listen, and ask and listen again! Also to be on the look out for those who may be hurting.

    I had early pre-menopause symptoms too, so you weren’t/aren’t alone! Mine were mainly hormonal/emotional, and wow what a roller coaster it was. Made for some difficult times.

    • Lois Flowers says:

      I’m sorry that you struggled in the same way, Betsy, but it is comforting to know I wasn’t the only one! Thank YOU for your encouraging words about this rather sensitive (at least for me) topic!

  11. Trudy says:

    God really taught you wisdom through your experiences, Lois. I love this – “I realized that, while our specific trials are unique to each one of us, certain feelings are universal.” This is so true. Blessings and hugs to you!

    • Lois Flowers says:

      Thank you, Trudy. Knowing that someone else can relate to how we’re feeling–even if he or she doesn’t fully grasp why we’re feeling that way–is such a comfort, isn’t it? I hope you have a joy-filled day, my friend!

  12. Liz says:

    Beautiful, Lois! Circumstances may differ but they feelings are the same. We are NOT alone! Happy to be your Neighbor over on Purposeful Faith this morning!

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